Sagebrush Annie's - Re-birth of on Old West Eatery
Ventucopa, Cuyama Valley, Los Padres National Forest

In 1989 a quaint building on Highway 33, that looked to be something out of the old west, was purchased by the Hogan family.  That small building, once known as the Diamond Belle cafe, was soon to become more than just a cafe, like it had been for many owners in the past, it was to become a part of the culture of Santa Barbara's outback.  See documentary video from Weissman Studio

Sagebrush Annie's soon changed from that local cafe to a weekend retreat for gourmet cuisine and wine tasting from a variety of California's best wines. 

Sagebrush Annie's is graced weekly with patrons who are quite possibly the nicest and most gracious customers in the world. These visitors usually travel some distance to partake of the wine and conversation. Many have ceased to be simply customers and have become friends of Karina and Larry as well.  Most recently two have even purchased property next to the Hogan's.

By 2005, Ventucopa area wines had developed so as to allow the opening of a wine tasting and banquet facility behind the original restaurant.  Now, approaching 2015, groups may now attend regular wine tastings from a selection of the 84 gold medal award winning wines or book weddings or larger group dinners.  Visitors may be serenaded by Karina on the grand piano or just relax in front of the giant rock fireplace.  There is also a dance floor for those groups who would like to waltz back into history.



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