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Sagebrush Annie's owners Larry and Karina Hogan sit atop the wine world with their award winning wines
Well-fruited Plains by Earl Bates, Ojai and Vine

Read about Sagebrush Annie's in Santa Barbara Independent and the Los Angeles Times!

"Karina is the Julia Child of the Cuyama Valley, a culinary savant and Francophile. She and Jeanine chat in French as they catch up. When they switch back to English, the talk is of food. Karina wants to do more food pairings with wine now that Larry is producing a prizewinning Cabernet Sauvignon out of grapes from the nearby Barnwood vineyards." -- Read More...

Sagebrush Annie's 2004 Cabernet wins Double Gold and Best of Show at 2007 San Francisco International Wine Competition

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