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Sagebrush Annie's is located in the southeastern corner of the Cuyama Valley, giving diners beautiful nightly views of the incredible Cuyama sunsets to the west as the sun dips below Sierra Madre mountains.

We are located about 1 hour north of Ojai on Highway 33 and about 1 hour southwest of Bakersfield via 119 (Taft Highway) to 166 in Maricopa and then to 33 south in Cuyama Valley. From the Los Angeles area, we are a 2 hour drive via Interstate 5 north to Frazier Park and then west through the Lockwood Valley.  A less traveled scenic route from the LA area is west from Frazier Park through Pine Mountain Club and along the Cerro Noroeste road to highway 166, then southwest to 33 south.  This route is highly recommended for a Saturday or Sunday outing.

Sagebrush Annie's is more than a glass of wine; it's an experience. A true journey resulting from a leisurely day's drive exploring the beautiful countryside, away from the crowded city's traffic and smog. Located west of where the Southern San Joaquin Valley merges with Southern California this beautiful and quiet destination delivers all you would ever expect for a weekend of superb wine tasting.

Nearby attractions include: Los Padres National Forest, Carrizo Plain National Monument, Mount Pinos Recreation Area,  Pine Mountain Club, Mount Abel, Ballinger Canyon, Quatal Canyon, and the Chumash Wilderness.

Proprietors, Larry and Karina Hogan grow and tend the grapes that bring you the award winning Sagebrush Annie's and Stone Pine Estate wines. Larry and Karina Hogan run a small award winning winery and invite you to come out for a visit.

Gold Medals or Better
Since 2005
Sagebrush Annie's 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon won Double Gold, our 113th gold medal or better at the 2018 Taster's Guild Wine Lovers Competition and now our 114th Gold at the American Wine Society International Wine Competition.  These were our first two competitions with the 2016 Cabernet and first shows overall in over a year. All of Sagebrush Annie's wines continue to be gold medal winners or better. 

Sagebrush Annie's 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon has now won seven golds and two double gold awards.

We are pleased to announce that our 2011 Sagebrush Annie's Cabernet Sauvignon has won a Gold Medal at the Ojai Wine Festival.

We are pleased to announce that our 2013 Sagebrush Annie's Cabernet Sauvignon has won a Double Gold Medal from Tasters Guild International as well as Gold Medal at the 2016 Craft International Wine Competition and our 2012 Cabernet has won a Gold Medal at the Amenti del Vino Wine Competition. .

Sagebrush Annie's fine wines are also now available at !

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